Sigale-gale’s  in Samosir , Unique ,Mystical Story

Sigale-gale's  in Samosir

topmetromedia.comSigale-gale’s  in Samosir, why? Sigale-gale’s Unique Mystical Story in Samosir, let’s look at it !!! ,Toba and Samosir Island are not only rich in nature, there are also very unique and diverse cultures along the lake shores. One of them is Sigale-gale.

Sigale-gale is a statue with a human form that is usually used for burial. However, now Sigale-gale can be staged for tourists.

Just to note, Sigale-gale is made of Banyan tree wood and traditional costumes are worn such as ulos, t-shirts, and blue sarong. To make Sigale-gale, there is a wooden box. That’s where there is a puppeteer who moves the statue when music is played.

Sigale-gale’s  in Samosir

sigale gale
Sigale-gale’s Unique Mystical Story in Samosir .

There are many versions behind the Sigale-gale story. Some believe that the origin of Sigale-gale tells of a woman named Nai Manggale who has no children. When Nai was dying on her bed, she asked her husband to make a life statue depicting herself and was called Sigale-gale.

Strangely, when the statue was not finished, Nai Manggale had difficulty dying and at that time he cursed the husband. To avoid bad luck, Sigale-gale was immediately made.

Actually far from legend, in the Batak tradition, Sigale-gale was shown during a funeral to restore souls and communicate with them. In the performance, the traditional leader will summon the spirits to be included in Sigale-gale

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