King Willem and Queen Maxima Visited Bukit Singgolom

King Willem and Queen Maxima were mesmerized when they visited Singgolom Hill (Singgolom Hill) – King Willem and Queen Maxima were mesmerized when they visited Singgolom Hill (Singgolom Hill), Lintong Ni Huta Village, Tampahan District, Toba Regency, Thursday (12/3/2020).

Both of them capture the moment of the beauty of Lake Toba through photographs taken by a number of media from the ‘Land of Windmills’. Even the King and the Queen took time together to be photographed by the journalists from the ‘Windmill Country’.

The presence of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima on Bukit Singgolom was welcomed by a number of Toba Regency officials and residents of Lontong ni Huta Village.

Appear to be present accompanying King Willem, Maritime Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan and Menpar Wisnutama Soebandrio. Also the Head of BPOT Arie Prasetyo, Governor of North Sumatra Edy Rahmayadi and his wife, as well as a number of Provincial Government officials.

During their stay at Singgolom Hill, King William and Queen Maxima captured a number of moments of Lake Toba’s natural beauty seen from the corner of Bukit Singgolom.

During his tour in Indonesia since March 9, 2020, the Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima chose one of their vacation objects in the Lake Toba Region, North Sumatra. Among these are panoramic spot views of Singgolom Hill, Siambat Dalan Village, Balige Harbor, and Silima Lombu tourism Village.

Impact of Tourism on the visit of King William and Queen Maxima

Previously, the Dutch King and Queen’s entourage landed at Silangit International Airport, North Tapanuli Airport.

“Today has become an important day for us. The Royal Netherlands delegation led by King Willem Alexander and Ratu Maxima had visited Lake Toba Singgolom Hill on their one-day visit, “said Director of the Lake Toba Tourism Authority Agency (BOPDT) Arie Prasetyo to reporters.

Not far from Bukit Singgolom, Ratu and Raja left for Siambat Dalan Hamlet, Lintong Nihutan Village, Tampahan District, Toba Regency. There they saw a Batak Traditional House that was hundreds of years old and was still occupied by the surrounding community.

The arrival of the King and Queen of the Netherlands, according to Arie, had a positive impact with the promotion of tourism on Lake Toba. Especially for tourists from the ‘Windmill Country’.

Arie admitted, the Lake Toba tourism industry market is also a lot from Europe, one of which is the Netherlands. Which can have an impact with the arrival of more foreign tourists.

Arie hopes that from the visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands, the Indonesian Government through Garuda Indonesia can also support the return of flights from Amsterdam Netherlands-Kualanamu International Airport (KNIA) Deli Serdang.


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